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Whiskey Barrell Lid engraving

Whiskey Barrell Lid engraving

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This is a real bourbon Barrell head. It has been engraved with an old fashioned whiskey distillery on the front. They have been cleaned, but not sanded other than cleaning up some char on the back sides. They are braced with wood backers and come with saw tooth style hangers.

Perfect for your home bar!

As these were real used bourbon barrel heads they tend to shrink. We dry and these for weeks at a time but during this process they don't always fit back together perfect. This is natural when they are used. You will also see some of the wax or product used to seal the edges of the product. If you are looking for a barrel head that was not used, contact us. We can source these but pricing will vary.

These will be small batch runs, once they are gone it will be a bit until they are restocked due to the amount of time needed for the wood to dry.

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